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Bellybuds Baby-Bump Sound System

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Bellybuds Baby-Bump Sound System
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A baby's hearing is fully developed in the womb at 20 weeks and memories begin at 30 weeks - Bellybuds® are specialized speakers that gently adhere to the belly and safely play music and sounds directly to the womb, delivering audio stimulation to their developing child to start creating those memories now. Easy-to-use and portable, they are wearable anywhere, anytime!

  • Control the sound level safely with the built-in volume limiter switch
  • Play voices of family members to the womb to encourage bonding
  • Listen simultaneously with the included audio splitter
  • Adheres to the belly with reusable, medical-grade, skin-safe hydrogel adhesive rings
  • Easy on, easy off - no straps, belts or buckles

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