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Cambrass Nursing Chair

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Please note on Fabric design. Fabric of chair is in Polka Dot patterns.

*Chair image for visualization purposes only*

The comfortable Cambrass nursing chair is particularly useful during lactation both for babies as well as mothers. Its ergonomic system has been developed principally for the lactation stage, both for breastfeeding as well as bottle feeding, improving the comfort of the baby and of the adult. In this case, the armrest provides added support to the adult who, in turn, conveys it to the baby, thereby ensuring that the baby is in a more comfortable position, preventing abrupt movements. At the same time it provides the adult extra arm support, preventing tension in elbow, back and wrist. The chair also includes a rocking system, which guarantees a relaxing effect for the adult and the baby alike, thereby improving the baby s digestion. In addition to its use for nursing, the chair is also ideal for adults at any other time (including for the mother during pregnancy).