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Mother's Corn Touchable Bubbles Set

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This is a bubble type that your baby can touch and play it is transparent. 
Dermatest’s excellent-rated, reliable bubbles keep your baby safe.

  • Mother's Corn Touchable Bubbles Set is world wide best selling item!
  • Bubble liquid is made from natural cellulose extracted from plants.
  • Non-toxic and safe!
  • Its unique features which cannot be found in any other bubbles is that thebubbles are TOUCHABLE & STACKABLE!
  • The bubbles last for a longer time and the children love it! It boosts the eye-hand coordination
  • A MUST HAVE developmental toy indeed!
  • This set include 200ml Bubble Premium liquid, Tray and Blower. 
Product Size (CM): L10 * W6.5 * H14.5
Capacity: 200ml
Recommend Age: 3 Years