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Since we opened our doors in Singapore in 1998, Motherswork’s intention has always been to partner with mothers on their journey through parenthood; from the precious moments of discovering their pregnancies and holding their babies for the first time to seeing their children off to school, and all the little adventures in between.

For everything that mom and child may need: a new mother’s must-haves as she prepares for the arrival of her little one, daily essentials that help make motherhood a little breezier, items for the home and the active family on-the-go, including materials to nurture curious little minds, Motherswork has scoured the world over and pulled everything together under one roof.

Our concept is simple: to create a thoughtful shopping experience and deliver only the best, tried-and-tested, products for mothers as they journey through every moment and milestone with their children.

Partnering with mothers through milestones and moments.

Founder of Motherswork

Find that passion inside you
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Sharon Wong is the CEO, the founder, the creative director and most importantly, the passion behind motherswork. She has over 25 years of experience in building brands. Her passion and dedication is to search for the best baby products in every category that will provide the best environment to keep her babies safe and happy, balancing career and quality time with her babies led to the creation of motherswork, 20 years ago.

When not busy creating shopping experience for parents or searching the world for the next best baby product, Sharon travels with her husband and their 3 children, Alexandra, Nicola and Timothy.